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Unique and personalised gifts because it’s ToTally About You!

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Unique and personalised gifts because it’s Totally About You!
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I saw this and thought it was a brilliant idea! My sister in law is always difficult to buy gifts for but this was just perfect - her favourite wine with her own unique personalised message engraved on it. Totally About You exceeded all my expectations - the gift looked luxurious and the service I received was fantastic. Thank you Totally About You!
— Product: Personalised Engraved Wine

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Our Story

Totally About You was founded in August 2018 as a family business to provide unique and personalised gifts inspired by love, laughter and generosity. Our aim was simple, to provide a personalised perspective on gifting by bringing together luxury items that are seen as treats and then provide a personalised theme to the gift by linking one or more of the items personally to the lucky recipient through bespoke and handmade designs.