Personalised Ammo Box – ‘The Beer Hot Box’

Personalised Ammo Box – ‘The Beer Hot Box’



The ultimate ‘Beer Hot Box’, a genuine and 100% authentic ex-military 50 cal ammo box complete with a fine selection of British sourced chilli products including two products from the South Devon Chilli Farm (Extreme Chilli Chocolate & Extreme Chilli Sauce), the finest pork crackling from the Snaffling Pig and the best Chilli Beef Biltong from Chichester’s based Beefit.  Then to finish things off, a 750ml bottle of Leffe Blonde to cool you down!

This ultra-sturdy, fully waterproof ammo box makes a great storage solution for tools/camp kit/first aid or even a lunch box! Every ammo box is personalised using a high-quality laser engraver with your choice of design and name, allowing the gift to be personalised for every occasion. The design will appear as a natural steel colour as the laser process removes the military paint and reveals the original steel box below.

Please Note: This is a genuine, used military surplus item. Scratches, scuffs, dents and other marks are to be expected and add to the authenticity of the product.

Our Ammo Boxes are each sealed or part sealed depending on their contents and then wrapped in a clear cellophane which allows the personalised ammo box to be seen in all its glory, but equally conceals the contents of the box until it has been fully unwrapped!

Once you have selected your item and added it to your cart, you will have the opportunity to add the personalisation detail for your chosen product.

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What’s Included

Leffe Blonde 750ml Alc 6.6% vol.

A storied brewery from Belgium, there have been beers brewed on the premises of this Abby since 1240. It has a crystal-clear liquid gold with a beautiful foamy white head. This beer smells very strongly of the aroma and flavour associated with Belgian Ale yeast. It has a banana, clove, and pepper aroma that mixes with the malt to smell a bit like freshly baked spice bread. Bubbly and effervescent, Leffe Blonde is a benchmark for Belgian blonde flavour. The finish is short and sweet, which makes this beer a dangerously easy drinker.

Extreme Chilli Chocolate (Box) 100g

Heat of Product: Hot - Extra-Hot

South Devon Chilli Farm have added the mighty Bhut Jolokia chilli to their original Belgian Plain Chocolate (60% cocoa) to make an Extreme version of the classic Chilli Chocolate. This chocolate is much hotter than any other chocolates in their range, but is still a great taste combination!  This Chilli Chocolate also makes a great addition to chilli con carne recipes, to give your meal a rich colour and flavour. The chocolate is still handmade and each box contains at least 100g of handmade chocolate 'slices' (a cross between a slab and a wafer). Ingredients: Cocoa solids: 57%, Sugar: 38%, Cocoa Butter: 3%, Bhut Jolokia Chillies: 1%, Soy Lecithin(E322), Natural Vanilla.  May contain traces of milk and nuts.

Extreme Chilli Sauce Gift Box 100ml

Heat of Product: Extremely Hot

South Devon Chilli Farm Extreme Chilli Sauce in a smart gift pack printed with fascinating facts about the mighty Bhut Jolokia chilli. This is an award-winning, extremely hot sauce - a little goes a long way! A perfect sauce for anyone with a passion for spicy hot food.  Winner of Gold (one-star) Great Taste Award 2010.

Snaffling Pig ‘Pig of Doom’ Hot Gifting Jar 500ml/90g

The Pig of Doom - these bad boys don't mess about! The heat comes from Bhut Jolokia chilli (aka 'Ghost Chilli'), which is one of the hottest chillies in the world and it's one that keeps on building once tasted. These are only for the spice loving brave, so if you're a Man vs Food type challenge loving person, then they are right up your street.

Habanero Chilli Beef Biltong 35g

Guaranteed to put a few hairs on your chest, Beefit’s spiciest flavour gets the chilli across but not too aggressively, leaving your mouth intact to actually taste the biltong.

50 Cal Ammo Box

Authentic ex-military ultra-sturdy mid-sized 50 cal ammo box.

Steel construction.

Printed information on ammo box may vary by production lot & military requirements.

Box measures approx Length: 29.5cm Width: 15.5cm Height: 18cm.

Please Note: This is a genuine, used military surplus item. Scratches, scuffs, dents and other marks are to be expected and add to the authenticity of the product.